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Golf Course Lawsuit


12/7/16 Letter from Troy Thompson’s attorney to Stephen Dawahare


2/17/17 Foreclosure Complaint filed by Whitaker Bank


3/15/17 Petition for Declaration of Rights by Whitaker Bank


8/23/17 Andover Estates Withdrawal from the Andover Presidents Council


8/31/17 Bath et al Motion to Intervene


9/13/17 Bath et al Intervening Complaint


10/18/17 Final Judgment dismissing Developers


10/24/17 Settlement Framework


10/24/17 Andover Estates Intervening Complaint


11/22/17 Intervening Pl AEHOA Response Opp MSJ


11/22/17 Assoc MJS And Response


11/22/17 Bath Response Motion SJ & XSJ


11/22/17 Assoc Notice of Filing


11/28/17 November Update


Course Correction - Article from Common Ground Magazine


Foresaken - Article from Common Ground Magazine


11/20/17 Ball Homes Response to Order to Show Cause -  Appeal from Injunction Order


11/30/17 Whitaker Bank’s Reply to Order to Show Cause -  Appeal from Injunction Order


12/04/17 Public Presentation


12/01/17 Bank's Reply brief


Andover Presidents Council Official Petition


Letter to homeowners from Mr. Bray and Mr. Potter


12/29/17 December Update


Letter to homeowners on down payment fund


01/24/18 Assoc Reply to Whitaker Response XMSJ


01/25/18 Assoc Motion Servitude & App Capital


02/08/18 February Update


02/08/18 Andover Protect The Land Flyer


02/09/18 Motion to Expressly Define Implied Negative Reciprocal Servitude


02/12/18 Order Consolidating Cases


02/12/18 Order Hearing Feb 14 2018


02/13/18 Assoc Reply Whitaker Response Servitude


02/19/18 Update


03/20/18 Update


Bylaws Amendment Working Docs